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Playground for creative people.

It’s no secret that quants run Wall Street. Math and stats make up the foundation of everything they do. How is retail supposed to keep up with that? The answer is simple. Let AEdge be your edge!

We aim to provide the retail market with indicators that scratch that quant itch. We do all the math and stats for you, so that you can focus on your analysis, all inside of TradingView!

The 10 indicators have been packaged into three indicator packs, each suited for the needs of different types of analysts.

Who is AEdge?

We create premium quant based indicators for TradingView for retail traders and analysts.
We’re proud to be one of the most transparent providers in this space!



Richard is the founder and CEO of AEdge Capital, Inc. A true business man who has run several businesses and has a long trading background.



Daniel is our COO and lead visionary, responsible for putting together our ideas and making them come to life. Has over 15 years trading experience.



Marius have 20+ professional years experience in web development and have worked with all types of technologies.